Was ich gehört habe … (What I heard …)

5 wall drawings at O.K Center for Contemporary Art Linz
each approx. 220 x 180 cm, felt pen and post-its on wallpaint:
– Austria Tabak Werke
– Post
– Urfahraner Markt
– Landesdienstleistungszentrum
– Donaulände

The finance minister sold the nationalised Austria Tabak factory in Linz to a private consortium of companies. Administrative reforms at the post office, the finance ministry and the railways reduced jobs or relocated them. Such changes affect many residents and provide plenty of scope for talk and rumours, in which the change of image from a former steel and industrial city into a cultural metropolis mixes with the description of individual situations. The drawings showed five places in the city about whose development there was a great deal of speculation, and connected them to rumours collected over several weeks.

Rumour collectors: Clemens Mock, Bettina Steinmaurer, Andrea van der Straeten