Wo ich Glück gehabt habe … (Luck was on my side …)

Wall drawing, 120 x 150 cm, felt pen and post-its on emulsion

Silkscreen, 120.5 x 81.2 cm, monochrome, handwriting on museum cardboard, post-its
Edition: 30 + 3
Collection Lentos Museum Linz, Private collections

"… as I was at a swimming pool and slipped under a highdiving board and fell into the deep end. I did not yet know how to swim and swallowed a lot of water and saw—as I had heard about somewhere—my nine years of life swirl through my head in many pictures before somebody pulled me out and resuscitated me."

" … as I went for a walk with my boyfriend through a freshly sprayed vineyard with open wounds on my feet and the poisonous substance caused blood poisoning which spread to the lymph nodes of my groin before it was discovered and could be stopped with medicine."

" … as I was driving to Vienna at night on the motorway and with a quick manoeuvre was able to avoid a bicycle which was lying in my lane after it had fallen from the roof-rack of a holidaying German couple."

" … as I got onto a moped without knowing how to ride it and drove off not knowing how to brake and with increasing speed shot out across a main road and found the only gaps through the heavy traffic in every lane."