Quasi_ 2

With Fernando Riederer

Andrea van der Straeten:
Drawing with graphite, ink, liquids on interfolded dry wax paper,
200 x 20,5 cm

Fernando Riederer:
Berceuse für einen Nachtzug/Lullaby for a night train,
composition, 23 Min.
Kaoko Amano (Soprano), Jaime Wolfson (Piano),
Saeko Takayama (Violin)

The drawings were made during an overnight train
journey and are based on a reading of a poem by Swiss
poet Blaise Cendrars: La Prose du Transsibérien et la
Petite Jehanne de France. In 1913 the prose poem was
brought together with drawings by painter Sonia
Delauney and appeared as the first simultaneous book
(livre simultané) with both positions in the form of a
two-meter-long fold-out booklet.

The installation refers to this former collaborative work
by bringing together a visual artist and a composer.