Another Twist

In 2007 New York fashion designer Marc Jacobs ­contacted the artist for permission to use a female ­figure from her work W.H.M. on an evening dress in his upcoming collection. A one and a half year long email ­correspondence between the artist and Marc Jacobs developed out of this telephone conversation and the resulting collaboration and this provided the basis for a series of drawings. The artist exhibited the dress in her New York studio and asked visitors to describe it. ­Another Twist asks about the relationship between ­material/haptic experience and the transitory nature of current communicative structures and perception as such: What do we see and understand when we look at something and how is that inscribed in a description?

The installation as shown at Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Vienna in 2012, consists of the following parts:

8 Drawings,
Graphite, colored pencil on paper, 60 x 90 cm (23,6 x 35,4 inches) each

Evening gown
Nude by Marc Jacobs, 2007
silkscreen on silk

Descriptions of the evening gown by:
Luigi Fassi, curator, Italy / USA
Carin Fortyn, graphic designer, Switzerland / USA
Karin Kautzky, graphic designer, Austria / USA
Régis Péant, creative director, USA
Sarah Demeuse, curator, Belgium / USA
Hermes Payrhuber, artist, Austria / USA
Angelo Stagno, architect, Italy / USA
Maria-Luise Löper, civil servant, Germany
Maria Bussmann, artist, Germany / Austria / USA
Hanne Menne, cultural worker, artist, Austria / USA
Valerie Bosse, cultural worker, Austria / USA
Sandrine Canac, cultural worker, France / USA
Georg Fischer, civil servant, Austria / Belgium
Gabriel Reese, visual artist, Canada
Annette Groschopp, painter, graphic designer, Germany
Texts spoken by:
Michael Schrott, Elisabeth Kervarrec, Steve Crilley, Diane Shooman, Angelo Stagno