Andrea van der Straeten / Doris Katharina Künster
Animation film, 16 mm, b&w, 9 Min.,
Music: Matthias Kaul, Jürgen Schürdt

Folding booklet (day)
39 b&w photographs on Baryt paper mounted on white photo card 17,7 x 780 cm (documentation of the places in the urban area of Hamburg for the nightly screenings of the film Elemente)

Folding booklet (night)
54 b&w photographs on Baryt paper mounted on black photo card 17,7 x 840 cm (documentation of the nightly screenings of the film Elemente in urban areas of Hamburg)

Story board for Elemente, 25,5 x 138 cm

Text booklet, 11 x 21 cm

Photographs on Baryt paper, each 21 x 29,5 cm

In Hamburg, before open air cinemas became a summer fixture in European cities, the artist experimented by projecting her own film, Elemente, on firewalls, the surface of water, contractor’s sheds, advertising columns or the clothing of passers-by. The planning for the nightly screenings, the technical conditions and the reactions and comments of the viewers were precisely documented. For example, the astonishment of some of the passers-by that they did not have to pay for the screening; the discussions about whether screenings of this nature should be announced or whether one should rely on the power of rumour and the transfer of information from mouth-to-mouth.

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