Bin gleich zurück (back in a minute)

Permanent installation, Landhaus 2 Innsbruck
47 roller blinds, digital prints on Soltis 99 in yellow, green and blue, variable sizes

bin gleich zurück is a reflexion as well as a commentary on the changing working conditions in offices. Openness, flexibility, mobility are the new paradigmatic keywords. The new authority building's architectural structure takes exactly this into account: the individual offices with their open workspaces and glasswalls allow the visitors to inspect disciplined and fast processings as well as every movement of civil servants in the buildíng.

Nothing else functions that well as "motion detector" within communicative processes as an ordinary analogue and hand written post it.

The roller blinds refer to this well known aesthetic of post its and their typical colors. They allow the civil servants a temporary withdrawal.

The slogans have been researched together with the civil servants in all the authority's departments such as transportation, agriculture, culture aso.

The photographs were taken 2005 and 2014.

Artworks by these artists in the same building: Ernst Caramelle, Jun Yang, Ulrich Schmitt, Lois und Franziska Weinberger, Christine S. Prantauer.